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  1. I appreciated the comments Sue Gwynne of Poverty Talks made on today's The Current -- she explained exactly what the problems of (typically) single mothers face during Covid. There is no help and virtually no paid sick leave if you or your children have a positive covid test -- And no one can afford to quit or get fired from their job. The crisis is one which Equity Watch (see our site and esp our webinars here:

    1. The low wages
    2. no serious free or cheap childcare
    3. school is an on and off tap, no planning just emergency
    4. no serious protection for renters who fall behind on rent, or rent increases
    5. being the only adult in a household with all the responsibilty
    6. unequal position of women, their wages etc. in today's Canada.

    THanks for your work, and I hope we in Equity Watch (in Nova Scotia!) can be in touch: judy haiven (