Virtual Community Conversation Series

Poverty Talks! has partnered with Enough for All to put on a series of virtual Community Conversations. Each one will focus on a different subject relating to poverty in today's society, what supports are out there, as well as what impacts the current health crisis has had on those in poverty.

These meetings are to be held over Zoom. Links to the zoom meetings will be available on the Enough for All Website through the links below. Zoom is available on Windows, iPhone, and Android.

These conversations are meant to be safe conversations to help ensure the voice of those living in poverty take the forefront. Notes when posted will be anonymized.

May 15th 2020: Food Security and Food Dignity (notes)

May 20th 2020: Housing (notes)

May 27th 2020: Income Support (notes)

June 3rd 2020: Physical and Mental Health (notes)

June 10th 2020: Transportation

June 17th 2020: Early Learning, Care, and Affordable Child Care (notes)

June 24th 2020: How accessible is the Justice System? (notes)

July 22nd 2020: Financial Empowerment, What Role Does Money Play?