International Day to Eradicate Poverty!

Come join us at the John Dutton Theatre as we commemorate International Day To Eradicate Poverty!

This year we will host a series of spoken word performances from members of our community who are experiencing or have experienced poverty.

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Our Presenters
(In Alphabetical Order)

Amber C: Amber is a longtime advocate for mental health and poverty and the impacts both have on one's livelihood. She serves on Poverty Talks as a member of the Steering Committee and also a member of the Peer Support working group and has established herself as a solid and unrelentless, passionate voice for those living in marginalization, as well as one of Calgary's rising stars on the blogging scene!

Brad R: I have been a long time poverty and disability advocate and I am passionate about helping this community however I can. I am a member of AACT, Poverty Talks, the Provincial Advocacy and Advisory Group, Disability Action Hall, Fair fares and was on the Premiers Council for Persons with Disabilities

Dorie R: Hi, I’m Dorie.  I’ve lived in Calgary all my life.  Raised my two sons alone and now I have two brilliant grandsons to enjoy, too.  As a single mother, I struggled all my life with issues of poverty:  trying to feed two hungry boys, keep a roof over our heads, hold onto jobs, major issues with alcohol, just to name a few.  Poverty has followed me throughout my life.  I joined this venture to have a chance to briefly tell my story in hopes to bring out the fact that although poverty is an issue for me; at least I can smile when I tell you about it!  Enjoy your evening and thank you for your support in bringing this issue into the open.

MC Gummy: AKA in the advocacy community as Nigel K, Gummy is a local actor and writer, as well as longtime social activist focusing on homelessness issues from a social justice and human rights perspective. He had been on and off the streets for eight years and is currently housed and last week welcomed the new addition of two kittens to his home which he refuses to stop talking about. In addition to serving as a member of Poverty Talks' Steering Committee and Dignified Service Delivery working group, he also serves on the board of Directors of Vibrant Communities Calgary and the Calgary Homeless Foundation's advisory group The Client Action Committee. He counts among his proudest achievements adopting his kittens Jibanyan and Nao, and his founding of Longest Night of the Year, a memorial service to honor homeless who have passed away.

Hillary C: 
My current passion lies with Social Justice for the Homeless in Calgary and the End to Poverty for all. I really enjoy Community Engagement and Collaboration with Service Agencies and Non Profits to enhance the quality of life for all in our great City. I will always work as an Advocate for the most vulnerable in Calgary and for Social Justice.

Marnie S:  Marnie Shaw has been volunteering for most of her life:  Big Sisters, Inn From The Cold, Meals On Wheels, Poverty Talks; 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics; Sparks, Brownies, and Girl Guides; Christ Lutheran Church, Hope Lutheran Church, and Saint Luke's Catholic Church; Varsity Elementary School, Brandon Junior High School, and William Aberhart High School; etc. Marnie thinks that the most important part of ending poverty is ending homelessness.  And Marnie would like to see an end to institutional trauma.  Society provides a variety of institutions with a variety of programs which, allegedly, are there to help people.  Unfortunately, while at least some programs really do provide help, they typically add to the trauma the people who need help are already suffering.  The help provided is usually difficult to obtain and insufficient and too often out-and-out wrong, not providing what is really needed and/or wanted.  The people who work or volunteer in such institutions can end up suffering from institutional trauma too.

TracyRay L: TracyRay is a lifelong learner who supports other lifelong learners as a tutor/co-facilitator at a small local university on a hill over by Fish Creek Park where zombies will have a hard time navigating during the coming apocalypse. TracyRay likes dissent, apocalyptic, and dystopian literature/films and is a chronic The Walking Dead fan. Apocalypse scenarios and dystopian environments aren’t unlike the real world during some periods of homelessness TracyRay has experienced - especially the “finding a safe place to sleep” and “finding nutritious food to eat” parts of the scripts. T-Ray would like people to start thinking of some people without homes as RESILIENT, non-sheeples and stop characterizing all homeless persons as weak, unskilled, and ignorant. Of course, there are a few weak, unskilled, and ignorant homeless and any-level-income people out there but hey... all three of those people might learn something... right? T-Ray has been with Poverty Talks! for 3 years and will be with Poverty Talks! a while longer as she is part of the Dignified Service Delivery advocacy team!
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